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Welcome To Chapel Hill!





Emergency Housing Assistance Program

Local Businesses 

If you have a business and would like to advertise on our local business page or would like a video advertisement (produced by the Hoa) , send us an email or use the contact page to request more information. 


Featuring Crown Roofing!

Stay Connected With NEXT DOOR

Many of your neighbors are using NextDoor,  the best way to stay in the know about what’s going on in your neighborhood.  Next door can help you find that last-minute babysitter, update you about an upcoming block party and more.  Sign up using your address and you will be added to the Chapel Hill HOA Community Group! 


For more information on various departments and other news please visit the official Desoto website.   

                     CITY OF DESOTO WEBSITE

The code of ordinances provides the rules and guidelines pertaining to what's allowable and restricted within the City of DeSoto. 

The city of DeSoto Service Request website allows you to report code violations (high grass, weeds, broken fences, etc), as well asother issues that the City is responsible to address.

If a street light is out it must be reported to ONCOR to initiate the repair request.

Tip submissions may not be received until the following day. In case of emergency dial 911. For tip submissions requiring an immediate response, please contact DeSoto Police Department.

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